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Robin Garr's Wine Bargain Page which contains a wide variety of different inexpensive wines. Why on earth anyone would be interested in socializing with lawyers over wine is a mystery to me. But apparently some people think that this is an fun thing to do. On the other hand, if you're interested in visiting the wine country, including Livermore, you might want to check out this. If your palate tends towards French wines, this site is a must. You do speak fluent French, don't you?

On the more commercial side, Mr. Liquor, The Wine Club and K&L Wine Merchants are some of the better liquor stores in San Francisco. If you're particularly fond of French Wine, as most English are, then you'll no doubt be familiar with Berry Bros. and Rudd, world famous wine merchants. If you're in London and looking for that special bottle of, say, '45 Mouton or '49 Cheval Blanc, you'll probably be able to find one at Berry Bros., no doubt with "impeccable provenance".

Wine Labels

Here's some wine labels from my inventory.

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