7.17.11 Cordell Bank

Quite possibly the finest day I've ever spent at the Bank. Glassy conditions for almost the entire day and bright sunshine all afternoon. Amazing!

Here's Rich's day list:

Black-footed Albatross-33
Laysan Albatross-1
Sooty Shearwater-110
Pink-footed Shearwater-16
Northern Fulmar-74
Ashy Storm-petrel-4
Common Murre-220
Pigeon Guillemot-23
Cassin's Auklet-450
Rhinoceros Auklet-25
Xantus's Murrelet-4
Tufted Puffin-1
Red-necked Phalarope-18 ( first southbound individuals)
Sabine's Gull-3 ( first southbound individuals)
Long-tailed Jaeger-2 (first southbound individuals, LTJEs are slightly earlier to begin than their larger cogeners)

Blue Whale-11 (all within 3 miles of shore between Bodega Head and Estero San Antonio)
Humpback Whale-33 (all 6 to 20 miles offshore west and north of Tomales Point)
Gray Whale-3 (all in very shallow water at Bodega Head and just off Pinnacles Beach-not krill obligates)
Harbor Porpoise-8
Dall's Porpoise-14
Northern Elephant Seal-2
Northern Fur Seal-3
Harbor Seal-12
California Sea Lion-15
Steller's Sea Lion-4

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